The opening and closing lines of every studio Panic! at the Disco album

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Title: Reluctant Allies with Benefits (4/8)
Pairing: Peter/Stiles
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Peter suggests he and Stiles starts having no strings attached sex. It’s that simple. No, really, it totally is. Stiles will make sure of it.

chapter one | chapter two | chapter three


I love how in what a catch donnie at the end they’re all more or less singing in the same key with kind of low and calm voices but then brendon’s just like dANCE DAYNCE WE’RE FALLING APART TO HALF TIME


A Toothless I started a year ago e_e)


A Toothless I started a year ago e_e)

I don’t find myself unattractive, but I also don’t find myself attractive. I feel like I’m just sort of here, not something that really grabs anyone’s attention. Sort of like a chair. Or maybe a lamp.

I Writes Sins Not Tragedies (2005) 

Girls/Girls/Boys (2013)


i did a thing for tommy

#shameless objectification